Monday, November 17, 2008

Connie's Menu (Nov. 16-21)

Hi all! This is a great site - thanks for inviting me in Jenae! A warning -- my weekday meals are usually either crockpot or something very simple and fast since I work full-time, so I'm always interested in good and QUICK -- aren't we all?

Sunday - Crockpot Chicken Curry, orange jello salad, breadsticks, root beer floats
Monday - Jambalaya over rice (from this site!)
Tuesday - Spaghetti with Prego sauce (my kids love it), salad, garlic bread
Wednesday - Pork chops (baked with seasoning), broccoli and the church's instant potato pearls
Thursday - Nachos Supreme (from this site!)
Friday - OUT -- I never cook on Fridays - :)


Eliza said...

Connie, how did your jambalaya turn out? I forgot to mention to half the cajun seasoning and cayenne pepper.. mine ended up being so spicy hot that I couldn't eat it. My husband loved it though, so if you like spicy than it will be perfect.

Jim and Connie Jory said...

It was great! I was just responding to the same question from Jenae -- my husband, son and I all loved it!! thanks.

Jim and Connie Jory said...

....and they just finished off the leftovers last night, so my menu plan for the week is off one day -- OH NO! The good news is that I didn't have to cook last night.... :)