Thursday, January 15, 2009

Green Family Menu

Hello all! I'm new to the group -- well new to posting that is. I so love your menus. Mmmmm I'm yet to try them out, but I tell you some of these recipes look great. Lately, I've become really motivated to change my life and get sincerely healthy -- not just lose the weight I want to lose -- but get healthy. Luckily I have a husband who wants the same thing. So, our dinners have been really healthy and nutrient rich. Surprisingly, the recipes I've been using have all been delicious as well. So, yippy for happy, healthy food. On the menu for the coming week:

Monday: Chicken fajitas -- your basic chicken breast, green and red peppers (on sale! wahoo!), onions
Tuesday: Herbed Spinach Pasta -- whole grain pasta with garlic, spinach, and peppers
Wednesday: German Potato Soup
Thursday: Breaded Chicken Fingers with baked potato wedges
Friday: Beef and broccoli stir-fry with brown rice
Saturday: Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich -- sooo good and easy! Can be a bit spicy depending on how much cayenne and chili pepper you add to the marinade. mmmm mmmm good!
Sunday: Breaded and baked tilapia

Recipes are forthcoming. And now that I look at it, these aren't as healthy has this past week, but still, they're pretty good.

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Jenae said...

Hooray Jenny! Welcome welcome! I am so excited to have you join us in the menu and recipe sharing. Thanks for all the good ideas!